Risk Management Guide

Risk Management

5 Stage Process of Risk Management

Risk management is a 5 stage process. These processes go simultaneously. These steps are to be followed for having a good risk management. These steps are listed and explained below: 1- Risk [...]

Basic Idea of Risk Management

“The identification, analysis and control of those risks which can threaten the operations, assets and other responsibilities of an organization is known as risk management” Risk is basically [...]

Risk Financing

Dimensions of Risk Loss Exposures

Identifying and Analyzing Loss Exposure

For identifying and analyzing loss exposures there are two steps, first is to identify three dimensions of loss exposures and the second is to use widely used method for analyzing and identifying [...]

Risk Manager

Role of Risk Manager in Managing Risks

Risk Manager is a person responsible for the implementation of risk management process and for eliminating the risk to maximum extent. The risk manager has a vital role to play in supporting the [...]

Identification of Risk and Risk Manager

The first step of the risk management process is identification of a risk. This is the obvious requirement which has to be fulfilled by the risk manager. Risk Manager is involved in working out [...]

Risk Management Techniques

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